Once upon a time, there was a delicious pear. The pear was known for being a bit of a party animal--er… fruit. The pear, after a night of partying, stumbled about through the orchard, trying to find his way home. And then, things went pear-shaped. Since his balance was more than a little im-pear-ed, the poor guy fell right onto a knife, slicing himself in two! The pear, feeling a little sorry for himself after such a blunder, decided it was best to cut his losses and call it a night. The next morning, he woke up to find himself in a strange, dark forest. And, to make matters worse, the pear noticed that his other part… WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

Now, the pear needs to traverse the dark, scary woods in order to find his missing piece. The forest is really dark, so he’ll need to use a lantern to get the job done. Watch out for pear traps!

If the cutscene doesn't play in-game, simply download it below or watch here.


Naomi Hinchen - production, code
Chaima Jemmali - code, design
Maxwell Dotts - music
Jermaine Leslie - art, animation
Adam Greis - sound design, voice acting
Chris Heins - sound design
S. Ayala - narrative, maze design, art assets

Made withUnity


Re-Pear Cutscene.mp4 153 MB